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Residential High Pressure Cleaning & Surface Sealing

Wally’s Master Blaster has been performing residential pressure cleaning on homes since 1987. We deliver reliable, responsible and professional high pressure water cleaning Gold Coast wide and to customers across South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

We offer a personalised, professional service to match a premium finish. We value good communication between the business and customer, and we continue to create customer goodwill through fulfilled and happy clients and a job well done.

Having your outdoor area professionally pressure cleaned regularly will keep your property looking its best and will help to create a healthier living environment, also assisting to reduce respiratory problems and other allergic reactions by removing dust, mould and mildew that can build up on your concrete areas, eaves and walls, especially in areas that receive little to no direct sunlight.

Domestic Pressure cleaners that you can purchase from your local hardware store generally only provide you with around 1800 psi of pressure and a flow of 6lt of water/min. Our equipment is industrial quality and provides us with up to 4,000 psi at 22lt/minute, meaning the cleaning process will remove more than just the initial top layer of dirt and dust, while deeply embedded dirt and stains can also be removed.

We can also lower the psi as needed so we do not damage your softer surfaces. So not only will our equipment provide a better clean in less time, the cleaned surface will look clean for longer.

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Benefits of house pressure cleaning

1. Increase the value of your home

With the latest pressure cleaning equipment and tools in the industry, we are able to provide a residential pressure cleaning service that will have it back to a new-like condition, increasing your investment in your property.

2. Preventative maintenance.

Regular pressure washing prevents premature aging and prolongs your property’s lifetime.

3.  Protects your Family

Uses the high force of water to get bacteria and contaminants removed. Pressure cleaning in conjunction with the application of a mould inhibitor can help prevent these bacteria from growing.

4.  Sealing Hard Surfaces

A high quality surface sealer applied to Concrete and Stone surfaces after a professional high pressure clean not only helps reduce mould and dirt buildup, but will also improve the aesthetic quality and value of your home. Wally’s Master Blaster applies both water and solvent based sealers to Sandstone, exposed aggregate and plain concrete surfaces.

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Residential Pressure Washing Services

We can pressure clean a wide range of residential surfaces and offer services such as:

Roof Pressure Clean

The first line of defence your house has to the weather is its roof. Algae, mildew, mould and other fungi are destructive and pose a threat to your roof. Keeping your roof properly clean can provide a handful of structural benefits.

Bat droppings are a problem in SEQ because they are highly acidic and can damage the paintwork on your colorbond, just like on your car. So not only will it eat through the paint, it can also leave the metal exposed where rust can set in quicker.

Anything growing on your roof such as mould and fungus can retain moisture for longer, leading to your roof deteriorating faster. Our pressure cleaning service will remove not just the mould and algae along with their stains, it will also remove their root system meaning it will take longer for them to return when compared to a cheap hardware store pressure cleaner being used.

Roof 2 - Before, After

Clean your roof and reduce your energy bill. Your roof is designed to reflect the sun’s rays, so a build up of dirt and mould on your roof traps that heat and increases the internal temperature of your roof cavity. Tile roofs are designed to allow ventilation into the roof, however, a build up of dirt and vegetation stops this process.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee all our work will be completed to a professional standard. Our Team is insured, and in the unlikely event damage does occur, you can be assured that you are covered. Our experienced team members are efficient meaning work is completed quickly and correctly.

Examples of Our Work

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