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Roof Pressure Clean Clear Island Waters

Clear Island Waters - Gold Coast

Sylvia and her husband recently purchased a house and wanted to pressure clean the roof before they moved in as it was in quite a dirty state. We met with them to provide a quote, and they booked us in straight away.

The Roof to your house or business is exposed to all the elements, all of the time. Having your roof cleaned is a much cheaper option than having it replaced. A dirty roof also traps more heat than a clean roof, as dirt helps to absorb the heat from the sun than reflect it.

The state of a roof is also something that home buyers look at, and a clean roof looks more appealing to potential buyers than a dirty one that is perceived that it needs to be maintained or replaced.

Services Used
  • Pressure Clean

What they said

"I rang Wally's Master Blaster as we purchased a new home and wanted to get the roof cleaned before we moved in. The roof was extremely dirty and we wanted to feel like we were moving into a nice clean, new home. Getting the roof pressure cleaned was a great investment and has made such a difference to how our home now looks."
Sylvia ~ Clear Island Waters





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